>Abhishek living childhood dream with Aishwarya in LA


Abhishek living childhood dream with Aishwarya in LA

Fulfils “childhood dream” by catching an NBA game and also had an awesome time at the Oscars

An avid fan of basketball Abhishek Bachchan watched the recent NBA All Star Games, 2011. Though he was in LA with his wife Aishwarya, she didn’t accompany him for the match.

A source close to Bachchan Jr says, “Abhishek has been shooting for a rigorous schedule for Abbas-Mastan’s Players in New Zealand.

The moment he a chance, he took off for a short break to LA. Bachchan Jr was also seen interacting with Hollywood A-listers.

Rubbing shoulders

Adds an insider, “AB was seen enjoying the game cheering, clapping and whistling.

He was seated in the front row along with pop stars Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Stevie Bieber as well as actors Jack Nicholson, Chris Tucker and Dustin Hoffman and seen exchanging pleasantries with them.”

Abhishek says, “It’s always been my childhood dream to watch the NBA games. I’m a crazy basketball fan and I’m so glad the dream was realized. It was an awesome experience.”

AbhiAsh also made their presence felt at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, yesterday in Los Angeles. They’d been specially invited for the occasion and hope to fraternize backstage with the nominees.

Abhishek is a fan of the two strongest contenders for the best actor and actress Colin Firth and Natalie Portman.

Aishwarya who is pretty ‘in’ Hollywood has promised to take her husband backstage to meet the stars.

Bollywood Gossip“They were seated right next to internationally renowned jazz vocalist Helen Merrill and right behind Oscar winner Sandra Bullock.

Later they attended the Oscar Vanity Fair party that saw the who’s who of world cinema.”

Says Abhishek ” I had an awesome time at the Oscars and heading to the Vanity Fair party. I needed a short break before I get back to Mumbai and the hectic promotional schedule for Game and Dum Maro Dum begins.”

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