>LiLo will have no shortage of job offers post rehab stint


Washington, Nov 28 (ANI): Lindsay Lohan, who is currently undergoing a rehab stint, has been inundated with scripts in recent months.
The Mean Girls star is currently serving out a three-month court-ordered stay at California’s Betty Ford Clinic and she will continue to receive treatment at the facility until January next year.
Though she might have a lot of offers in future, the recent trip to rehab has cost her a role in ‘Inferno’, an upcoming biopic of porn star Linda Lovelace, with director Matthew Wilder insisting that Lohan’s personal problems made it ‘impossible’ to secure insurance.
Her producer pal, Ethan Terra – who co-owns a production company with Lohan’s mother Dina – has stated the star will not have any troubles getting back to work once she is released.
“It’s not fair in any way, shape, or form for those reports to be out there. Lindsay is 100 per cent insurable, all she had to do was put up a fee as a bond then she would have been paid upon completion. I could insure her today. She was definitely not fired,” Contactmusic quoted him as telling Fox News.
“Lindsay has absolutely no qualms about getting work. She literally has a mountain pile of scripts to choose from. When she is ready, we’d like to see her take on a positive role; she is doing so amazingly well with her recovery,” he added. (ANI)

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