>Salman Khan approached for YRF Film


There is no telling what a superhit can do for you! Till ‘Dabangg’ came and blew all box-office records away, very few producers were willing to take the temperamental Salman Khan on board. His star tantrums, his own sense of punctuality and regular run-ins with co-stars and lawmakers, forced marquee production houses to stay far away from Salman. Things have changed with ‘Dabangg’ and ‘Wanted’. While he worked only with friends till some months back, the brawny actor is now getting numerous offers from the bigger names of Bollywood. Case in point is a certain Yash Raj Films.
Yes, you read that right! Aditya Chopra, the scion of Yash Raj Films, approached Salman Khan for a Kabir Khan film. Initially Kabir Khan wanted to repeat his star of two films, John Abraham, in the upcoming one as well. But after the success of ‘Dabangg’, Kabir wants Salman on board. He feels that Sallu would be a bigger draw at the box office for his romantic drama. Aditya Chopra instantly agreed and has started sending out feelers to Salman on accepting the role. Years back, Aditya had approached Salman to play the lead in ‘Chak De India’, a role that went to Shah Rukh Khan. Salman fell out over the money that he was offered.
This time, too, Salman is playing it cautiously. He’s one actor who cannot go to the sets and deliver. He needs to have a good and comfortable work equation with the team. Aditya Chopra is known to be a close friend of Shah Rukh, Salman’s one-time friend and now sworn enemy. Salman is not sure how he will be handled in the film. The enmity between the SRK and Sallu doesn’t look to end despite Shah Rukh’s apology act on ‘Koffee with Karan’. Last heard, Salman was saying that SRK apologized to increase the TRPs of best buddy Karan’s chat show!

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