>Kidman wants to extend her brood


London, Feb 4 – Holly Wood Actress Nicole Kidman wants to have more children with Husband Keith Urban and says being a mother has helped make her career more fulfilling.
The 43-year-old actress, who announced the birth of the couple’s second daughter, Faith Margaret, born via a gestational carrier in December, said being a mother made her perform better in her latest Oscar-nominated role in ‘Rabbit Hole’ and she would love to increase her family, reports femalefirst.co.uk.
‘I want more children. I love being around that life force. People ask, ‘Was the film really hard?’ Well, it wasn’t hard to find the emotions. It was hard to keep them in, to put them back. And I cannot imagine doing this if I didn’t have children,’ she said.
The screen beauty, who has two adopted children – Isabella, 18, and 15-year-old Connor – with ex-husband Tom Cruise, insists something inside her was ‘altered’ forever when she gave birth to her and Keith’s two-year-old daughter Sunday Rose.
‘Something happens to you as a woman once you’ve given birth. You change on a cellular level. You change and are altered,’ she said.

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