>Shakira on a high after YouTube landmark


No, Shakira has not sung a new track for YouTube or anything similar. The lady in question is still on a super-high, she has revealed. Shakira, the website shows, has crossed a crucial landmark number of video-views: one billion.
The Columbian singer says that it comes as a news of immense importance and delight to her. Having won two of the Grammies apart from the other awards, it is evident that the Waka Waka singer’s fan following swells as the days pass and more and more people discover her existence on internet, including the much popular Waka Waka.
As Shakira’s videos have been watched more than a billion times, today one may also be interested in finding out which of her songs have garnered the highest hits! While no particular song has been pointed out, her success’ last stone was Waka Waka, which was watched all around the world, given its energetic dancing, colourful background and the football fever around the world.
The last album she released was Sale el Sol cam eout in October last year, and has been much popular. It is also interesting to note that for a rare artist, who has crossed the billion mark on YouTube, Shakira only to managed to get the seventy-sixth rank at the Billboard artists of the decade.

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