>What Will ‘Wife Bina Life’ Make The Husbands Do On Television?


The Indian version of the Canadian television hit The woman went WeekThe is all set to make his debut on the small screen.TitledWife Bina Life, the show will explore the house leadership qualities of a man whose wife has some time off from her daily household chores. The show will be shot in Pune and will span more than 16 episodes. It will be hosted by Cyrus Sahukar and Mini Mathur, the anchors we have loved to love. 10 real life couples will participate in the show. Bina Women’s Life will also pep celebrity couples as guests of the show and pull its TRP. The show will confirm the truth that men do not know their home as their wives do. What the men do on thekitchen and how they manage their children while their wives suddenly goes missing for viewers to see. The spouses of the family, without a helping hand. The Canadian show has two successful seasons in 2008 and 2009. Bina Women’s Life Will be jointly produced by Star Plus and BBC Worldwide Entertainment. The Senior Creative Director of Star Plus, Monica Shergill said it was a “bit of life show” and it will be against the “gender stereotypes”. The purpose of the show is the bond between husband and wife to strengthen by making the former aware of the responsibilities and the importance of the later. We thank Star Plus to take the mammoth task of making the spouses realize the true meaning of the word wife.

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